Welcome to the Jazz-Gallery.

Here you can enjoy some of my Photos I took in the last 20 years.

Mostly I used no flashlight and a higher  pushed film(nice to use the grain as an effect to get a certain mood ) to gather the light I needed. I tried to catch not only a Photo, but also the moment of music too, as far as it is possible.

Using Minolta Dynax 7 and 9 and a 80-200 mm zoom or/and a 24 mm with 2.8 aperture and mostly Fuji slide film I had the chance to get out the best of each concert situation.

Hate it to run around in front of the musicians thatís why I took the most pictures from same position. To me the moment is important and that you can catch in any position.

I reduced the Quality of the images and the music to it to make it watch able to slower bandwidth. Think about that if the music and the pics sometimes are a little out of sync.

The Photo Galleries are inside the rooms and in the about me section you find some stuff about me , friends, family and other stuff if you want ---like In a sentimental mood or Art Exhibition

In the link section you will find links not only related to music, but also other sides that I like.

So check it out and  have fun.

Feel free to mail me if you got some Questions or Answers ;)





I play music myself(drums),here playing Giant Steps with my friend Hans on Guitar.


Enough technical talk. Click to the Galleries and enjoy the images and the music.

The Images and the music speak for themselves.

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